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Changes to the "Capture the Flag"
Moonly Days @ June 08, 2019

Capture the flag at the moment is the most uninteresting for a dynamic and fast game mode. It is usually suitable for long rounds in which you can do something else besides the usual game. But what would happen if we made a few changes in the logic of this mode towards a more fair and fast game?

The most important change in this mode can be considered adding a timer to the card. Now you do not have to wait for half an hour until your team captures the flag of the enemy. It is enough to capture more flags than your opponent, and if the timer ends its countdown, you will automatically win, even if you have not captured all 3 flags (by default). A complete list of upcoming changes on RCATF2.ru servers relating to the Capture Flag mode can be viewed below:

  • Added time limit for each round
    • By default, the map is given 7 minutes.
    • The maximum time allowed per round is 10 minutes.
  • Flag capture increases timer by 2 minutes
  • Proponents of an intelligence team can return them to the base by touching them.
    • After the data is dropped to the ground, a delay of 15 seconds is activated before activating the possibility of returning the flag to the base.
  • While at least one flag is not on the base, the round will not end, but will be in extra time mode.
  • During the extra time mode, the flag auto return timer is reduced to 20 seconds
  • When a flag can be returned to the base, it radiates waves and beeps to everyone around it.
  • Crites after capture have been removed.
  • If the timer is out and both flags are on their bases, the team with the most flags scored wins
    • If both teams have the same number of dialed flags, the round ends in a draw.

This update plans its release somewhere in the middle of June and will include not only changes in this mode, but also many other pieces.

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