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Future of the game: What will happen next?
Moonly Days @ June 08, 2019

Team Fortress 2, a veteran of the gaming industry. A game that has become a part of many people's lives. Everyone has found something of their own in it: someone is engaged in trading, someone shoots video on the game, someone seriously plays competitive mode, and someone just has fun playing on community servers or in casual games.

But let's be honest: nothing lasts forever. Nothing .. Everything, good or bad, always ends. Including the game, which is still supported by developers after almost 12 years! Yes, this game is older than most of its players!

So, it is not a secret for anyone that there are no updates for more than a year. Most people will say that the developers are no longer involved in the game, they abandoned the development of major updates. And they can be understood. The employment contract at Valve prohibits employees from disclosing inside information. So we do not know almost nothing about what can happen with the game. So most of the points below are essentially speculations, and therefore are not exact facts, but only arguments and conjectures.

Let's start with the theory that I personally adhere to, Moonly Days, the author of the post. Valve is not a stupid company, but the emphasis should be put on the word company, whose goal, oddly enough, is to make money. They see what is happening in the community taking action, as evidenced by the recent update of the votes in the Free Game. Perhaps the lack of updates in Team Fortress 2 is the reason why developers are busy creating TF3, or some kind of remake: let's say the transition to Source 2. Again, I remind you that these are just speculations and these statements cannot be considered real facts.

Another theory is slightly different. Let's be honest, Team Fortress 2 is at the finish line of your life. And the developers understand this. Perhaps their goal is to create a final, big update that will cover many aspects, which of course requires much more time. Perhaps it will not only be a Machine Gun update, it may be an update affecting all classes to some extent. Of course, in order not to give false expectations and hopes, Valve acted wisely, without giving any hints of a future update. Having no expectations, we will not be disappointed in reality.

And maybe the developers really put a bolt on the game. Alas, no one knows.

We can only wait and hope that the update, whatever it is, will be released. And we, in turn, will continue to make content for you. We are waiting for everyone who likes the game, and who wants to realize their ideas and projects. We are waiting for you in our Steam group, as well as in our Discord server.

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