Пасхальный Ивент 2019
Ивент посвященный празднованию Пасхи
У нас есть свои серверы Team Fortress 2
Лучшие карты от сообщества только у нас!
Happy Fool's Day to you!
Moonly Days @ June 08, 2019

And what will happen if you combine the two most insane games of this decade. It will turn out to be the apogee of idiocy right on a fool's day under the guise of a sandbox of cubes right in Team Fortress 2. Yes, yes! You heard right! We wanted to make the game mode similar to the original Minecraft game!

This means that until Thursday, April 4, blocks that can be built or broken will be included on the Tea and Cookies server. By doing so, breaking or creating your own unique battlefield.

Build a house right in the middle of the battlefield, in which build and destroy enemies. Opportunities - a lot!

Playing on the server during the Event you can get a unique accessory for the character that will remain in your server inventory forever! To do this, just ask Moonly Days to give it to you!

Good luck in your buildings and see you on the server!

Questions / Answers:
- What it is?
- The event, during which players are given access to the construction and destruction of blocks from the game Minecraft, thereby changing the map in every way.

- How do I put / break a block?
- For construction, use the sm_build command. This command is to put the block approximately in the direction of the character's look. For breaking blocks at gunpoint, use the sm_destroy command. In order not to constantly write these commands to the chat, I recommend that you make a bandage with these commands on any key.

- How should I choose which block to build?
- The sm_block command opens the block selection menu for construction. After selecting you will put exactly selected blocks.

- Why can't I put a block?
- There can be many reasons, but here are the most common ones: there are other players near the building site, you are too far away to block / break.

- How do I get Steve's head?
- Having met on the server Moonly Days write to him in the chat request to give you an accessory!

- Will there be a continuation of this mode? I just liked the idea!
- If this mode collects positive feedback, then we will open the server exclusively for this mode.

- How to open my server inventory?
- !pack

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